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Father dresses as Julius Caesar to protest NH elementary school teacher's gender-fluid clothing

(Photo: Concord School District){p}{/p}
(Photo: Concord School District)

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A New Hampshire father dressed as Julius Caesar at a recent school board meeting to fuel his claims that a public school district is "facilitating gender confusion."

The Concord School District (CSD) has found itself at the center of heated debate since a father, Michael Guglielmo, was prohibited from visiting one of its elementary schools last month. The order against Guglielmo stemmed from an interaction between him and Christa McAuliffe School art teacher Silas Allard.

Guglielmo has been outspoken about Allard, who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, for his decision to wear traditionally female clothing during the school day. He has also criticized Allard's previous social media posts, arguing they are inappropriate for children.

The criticisms led to CSD placing Allard on leave and conducting an investigation, but the teacher was ultimately allowed to return to his position this week. Guglielmo, donning a Julius Caesar costume, shared his concerns over the outcome at Monday's school board meeting.

I am Caesar. Julius Caesar of Rome, the emperor. I am also a female," Guglielmo said. "Does anybody here believe that? That I am Julius Caesar? Anybody believe that? No, of course not. It's ridiculous."

While standing in front of attendees holding signs reading "Choose Love" and "Love is Stronger than Hate," Guglielmo called for the suspension of both CSD Superintendent Kathleen Murphy and Christa McAuliffe Principal Kristen Gallo. He accused the two of "facilitating gender confusion" by allowing Allard to continue teaching in the elementary school.

Your duty is to act in the best interest of children. It is to teach truth, not lies. Facts, not fiction. Biology, not a social agenda." Guglielmo said. "As taxpayers, we deserve to have our children taught what we pay for, and it's not a social agenda, whether it be right or left."

Several parents chose to defend both Allard and CSD officials, with some saying they were in attendance to "publicly denounce bigotry and hate speech." One mother asserted that it is the school board's job to protect CSD employees and prevent one's gender identity from being "weaponized."

A CSD spokesperson told Crisis in the Classroom (CITC) that the district "rejects all forms of hatred and discrimination," and it strives to "rejoice" in the diversity of its community.

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