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Ohio school officials discuss circumventing potential CRT ban in undercover video

A screenshot from the Accuracy in Media undercover video.
A screenshot from the Accuracy in Media undercover video.
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School district officials in the Dayton, Ohio area can be heard describing on undercover video how they would circumvent a proposed ban on teaching critical race theory circulating through the state legislature.

"There's ways around anything. It all goes back to how you dress the window," Kettering City School District Student Services Supervisor Rick Earley can be heard saying on undercover video.

The investigation from nonprofit watchdog Accuracy in Media (AIM) follows others in the state that have uncovered teachers' willingness to circumvent proposed laws against teaching material that focuses on race, class or privilege.

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AIM has also found school officials in other states, which already established CRT teaching bans into law, have also sought to circumvent the prohibition.

During AIM's latest investigation across Dayton-area schools, the watchdog group also came across a district curriculum director from the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District admitting if the state's proposed CRT ban goes into effect, they can just change the labels to get around it.

"It's good stuff. It's just, you know, I mean labels are just getting attacked," Betsy Gann, Director of Curriculum at Bellbrook-Sugarcreek schools, can be heard saying on undercover video. "Really, we've always tried to be culturally responsive."

Gann went on to say, according to AIM, that during a professional development day she and other faculty in the district read books, including "White Fragility," which were purchased with school development funds.

"Even though Dayton is a conservative military town, school administrators are more than happy to deceive parents," AIM President Adam Guillette said. "Dayton, Ohio gave us the Wright Brothers, two important figures of history, is seeing history and social studies being overrun with woke theories."

The Kettering City School District told The National Desk (TND) it was disappointed by the "questionable reporting tactics" deployed by AIM to "further their agenda." The district added that the undercover video did not accurately represent Mr. Earley's "respect for adhering to policies, procedures and the law."

"We can unequivocally state that the district would never knowingly violate the law," the Kettering school district concluded. "Furthermore, if it was found that a staff member of the Kettering Schools had knowingly broken the law, that individual would no longer be working for the district."

The National Desk (TND) also reached out to the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District for comment, and to inquire whether any action would be taken in light of AIM's undercover investigation, but did not receive a response. If one is obtained this story will be updated.

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