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Spare a square? Toilet paper rolls shrink, but prices stay the same, group says

(Source - Pixabay)
(Source - Pixabay)
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WASHINGTON (TND) — As inflation tightens the wallet of many Americans, consumer watchdog groups are on the prowl for any possible shenanigans.

Believing it found an instance of product downsizing, reports one of the world's most well-known toilet paper brands has removed a number of sheets from its product.

Procter & Gamble's iconic "Charmin" brand of toilet paper reportedly recently reduced the number of sheets on its “Super Mega” toilet paper rolls from 396 double-ply sheets to just 366, and its “Mega” rolls have been reduced from 264 sheets to 244.

This means consumers are losing "the equivalent of about a roll and a half in the new 18-count package," while still paying the same price, says's Edgar Dworsky to the New York Post.

The group also says this means a single roll of Charmin toilet paper, which started out 60 years ago at 650 single-ply sheets, has now shrunk by about 90%. calls this trend "shrinkflation," a play on words combining "shrink" with "inflation."

"With inflation rearing its ugly head, we are seeing not only a wave of direct price increases on groceries, but also sneaky ones when manufacturers inconspicuously reduce the size of their products," writes on its report. "This downsizing or shrinkflation as it currently is called is so prevalent at the moment, we have to spend this week and next showing you the dozen examples we’ve collected."

Other examples of shrinkflation provided by include Gatorade, Keebler cookies, Pantene conditioner, and Snyder's pretzel pieces.

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